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Human resource policy


“Human is the most valuable property”. Sustainable development point-of-view of the Company always aims at the goals as follows:

  • To respect all dreams, ambitions, enthusiasm of all members
  • To encourage pioneering, enterprising, daring-to-take-responsibility spirit
  • To develop a stuff, enterprising, skillful, devoted, and socially responsible management level
  • To establish open and progressive culture
  • To review and highly appreciate all contributing ideas
  • To create conditions for everybody to learn and improve their knowledge and educational level
  • To develop human resource management skill for management levels; to adopt advanced human resource management method
  • To identify clients as center: encourage staffs to listen to clients and be devoted to satisfy clients’ demands
  • Enhancing team spirit. Evaluate the collective success higher than individual success. Evaluate the success of leadership on the basis of considering the success of employees and colleagues relationships.


Candidates applying to ECO Pharma will be treated and assessed equally, objectively basing on experience, skills, and degrees relevant to the jobs and personal capacity. ECO ensures that the most suitable candidates will be selected, regardless of race, nation, social class, nationality (except for some typical positions).
The assessment, selection and recruitment of personnel by ECO aim at following criteria:

  • The best candidates will be selected for suitable positions.
  • The Company makes attempt to recruit qualified, active, creative human resource that is willing to accept challenges and able to become key staffs in the future.
  • Key values in ECO will be developed and maintained
  • Legal regulations will be followed.

Career orientation

  • ECO will develop career road with each staff in order to ensure common works and individual expectations.
  • Company will assign staff to participate in short-term, long-term training courses related to the work or support learning cost for its members, if necessary.

In ECO, career development is common responsibility of each member. Everybody is responsible to provide recommendations to develop skills and improve professional capacity. Management level is responsible to create favorable conditions for staffs to improve skills, to assign challenging works to produce opportunities for them to develop and express themselves

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